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  • Guardhouse Display Boxes#: GH-W200: L
  • Size: 3 7/8'' x 3 7/8'' x 1 1/4'' Color: Select Below
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    This single coin box holds a Large (L) sized Guardhouse Coin Capsule or H sized Air-Tite Capsule. With a 44.5mm diameter they are a perfect fit for the 1.75 inch military challenge medals. Mahagony Color Finish.

    Perfect for display, gifts or packaging, this thoughtfully crafted Mahogany-colored varnished box offers a host of attractive features. The intricate design and carefully crafted wood trim, thumb notched lid, and layered molding add decorative touches to the exterior. Bright, silver-colored hinges provide an extra flare, while the interior black foam coin insert contrasts superbly with a plush white cloth collar. The interior lid is draped with a white liner and framed with a black diagonal ribbon - ideal for a thank you card, business card or certificate. The attention to detail continues on the bottom of the box, where the routed curves give way to a felt covered bottom.

    Transline Supply offers custom printing on all Guardhouse wood boxes for certified coin slabs. These wood slab boxes fit both NGC and PCGS graded coins and can be fully customized to fit your brand. We can print your logo on the box and change the color of the wood’s finish. We can also fully customize a box from the ground up to fit any size of configuration you might be looking for. Follow this link for more information and to see examples of customized slab boxes.

    This box features a round cut-out that fits a 1.75 inch challenge coin. The Guardhouse Wood Display Box makes for an ideal display or gift box, whether you are presenting a challenge coin as an award or gift, or keeping it on the shelf for display.

    This Guardhouse wood capsule box will hold one large Guardhouse capsule, or one AirTite H sized capsule. Direct fit large sized capsules fit U.S. large dollars, American Silver Eagles, 39mm silver rounds, One Ounce Gold Eagle, as well as all AirTite direct fit and ring fit H sized capsules