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2021 Charlton Coin Guide 60th edition

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2021 Charlton Coin Guide 60th Edition.

2021 Charlton Standard Catalogue Volume #1: Numismatic Issues

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2021 Canadian Coins, Vol 1 Numismatic Issues, 74th Edition.

2022 Canada Government Paper Money 33rd Edition

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2022 Canada Government Paper Money 33rd Edition ISBN 10: 0889684278

2020 Standard Catalog of World Coins 1901-2000 47th Edition

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The only book on the market focusing on world coins released from 1901 to 2000, this volume features current and completely vetted values for the most recent coins produced and sold by today's World Mints, Central Banks and their distributors. Featuring more than 25,000 actual-size illustrations of coins, it proves invaluable visual information. Globally accepted KM reference numbers are critical for identification. The massive catalog has current market values for coins in at least five...

2020 Canadian Collector Coins Royal Canadian Mint Issues Vol 2 10th edition

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2020 Canadian Collector Coins Royal Canadian Mint Issues Vol 2, 10th Edition.

Banknotes of British Malaya

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It is the most comprehensive collection of its type, spanning many eras of change within the lower area of South East Asia The collection includes many unique notes, never before seen in print; partially printed proofs, beautiful hand-executed essays, colour trials, specimens and issued notes, from the early private bank notes of 1856, to the present day. This long awaited celebration forms a lasting testament to this magnificent collection, as well as being an essential introduction to a new...

Canadian Bank Notes, 8th Edition

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Not long ago, valuations reaching five figures were exceptional. With this edition, they have become quite numerous. The top valued note is the Bank of Vancouver $5 "number 1" note which recently sold for about $175,000. A second note, the 1903 Bank of Montreal double-size $50, is poised to threaten the six-figure barrier if and when it is offered for sale. Notes of the Southern Branches of the Canadian Bank of Commerce, Bank of Nova Scotia and Royal Bank of Canada have led the charge, many...

Canadian Bank Notes, 9th Edition

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Canadian Bank Notes, 9th Edition.

Canadian Communion Tokens

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Covers tokens used in Canada West, Canada East, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Price Edward Island from 1770 to the early 1900s.

Canadian Numismatic Medals, 2nd Edition

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The second edition of Canadian Numismatic Medals has been released. The First Edition, released in 1991, covered only the medals of the Canadian Numismatic Association Conventions for the period 1954 to 1991. The newly revised second edition has been expanded to include the national organization, the CNA, and the two regional organizations the APNA and the ONA. This 152 page catalogue (8�� x 11�, spiral bound) lists all the souvenir medals issued by these three Canadian Numismatic...

Early Dated Coins of Europe 1234-1500, The

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For the first time, a comprehensive listing in chronological order, by region, state, and mint, of all the known types of gold, silver and copper dated coins struck in medieval Europe with an Anno Domini date of 1500 or earlier.

Copper Coinage of Canada 1st Edition

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A MUST FOR COLLECTORS OF 19TH CENTURY CANADIAN COPPER COINAGE If you collect Canadian Colonial Tokens, Province of Canada or Dominion of Canada Large Cents your library is not complete without a reprint of Batty's Canadian Copper Coinage. D. T. Batty was a prolific cataloguer of English and Colonial copper coinage. Beginning in 1868 and continuing until his death in 1896, Batty authored four volumes, with over 1,300 pages on copper coinage. Batty, whose carding reads: D. T. Batty 10, Cathedral...

Distinguished Conduct and Military Medals (1935-45) 1st Edition

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This book is the first primary source of confirmation of Distinguished Conduct and Military Medals awarded to Canadians during World War II and the Korean War. Types of awards, an index of letter prefixes to serial numbers, distribution of awards by year of announcement and photos of the medals themselves are only part of this fantastic reference.

Distinguished Flying Medal (1935-45) 1st Edition

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A primary reference for confirmation of Distinguished Flying Medals awarded to Canadians during World War II. Included in this book are Warrants, Types of awards, distribution of awards by year of announcement, London Gazette documentation and photographs of the medals themselves, along with many other interesting features.

Gold and Silver Panda Coin Buyers Guide 3rd Edition

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Peter Anthony Item #: 970854472 -

This book tells the inside story of one of the most popular series of modern gold and silver coins - the Chinese Panda. Inside you will find Large photos of Gold, Silver, Platinum Panda coins from 1982-2013 Mintage and population figures - the keys to understanding rarity Weights and fineness for each coin What to look for and what to avoid Bonus section on Chinese Unicorn coins For anyone interested in Panda coins the Gold and Silver Panda Coin Buyers Guide 3rd Edition is 368 pages of...

Illustrated Reference Guide for 5 Cents Coins of Canada - Part III

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This 394 page guide has listings for 687 different coins, along with about 1000 images for 600 of these coins. A few highlights of this illustrated reference guide are: Images for 600 coins as follows: Regular Business Issue Coins, Specimen Coins, Variety Coins, Special Issue Commemorative Coin Nearly 1000 images to help identify coin features Pricing using nearly 4,600 price points 20 obverse images to assist with grading breif history of the monarch found on the obverse ...

Professional Edition Price Guide For Canadian Coins- 9th Edition

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This 632 Page guide contains over 13,500 listings representing more than 15,400 different coins and sets, using nearly 129,000 price points and 37 different grades. Nearly 2,600 new listings have been added since the previous issue. Other highlights of this price guide are: Listings and pricing for over 9,000 business denomination coins from 1 cent to 2 dollars and over 300 business denomination sets Listings and pricing for hundreds of variety coins not listed in any other guides, including...

Red River Compaign of 1870, 1st Edition

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Focusing on the official medals awarded to surviving veterans of the Red River Expedition, this book features a general commentary on medal Collecting. A summary of the Red River Campaign, a detailed description of the medals, and a listing of all medals awarded. Useful to medal collectors, military historians, genealogists and those interested in Canadian history.

The Early Dated Coins of Europe 1234-1500

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These "early dated coins" form one of the first links between medieval and modern coinage. Anno Domini's way of dating coins using Latin script did not begin until the mid-13th century, and did not become popular in Europe until three centuries later. It took the author 15 years to separate the few coins with dates from the many. The First Edition of this book was comparable to the out-of-print work by Albert Frey in 1915. Today, when an early dated coin is sold, whether in Europe or America,...

Warmans Coins and Paper Money, 6th Ed.

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Whether because of the redesign of modern U.S. coins and currency, increase in market value for precious metals, or the fact that coin and paper money collecting is becoming a very good investment, interest in coin collecting and paper money is at an all-time high, and continuing to grow. Recent reports estimate that there are over 1 million serious collectors in the U.S. And the U.S. Mint estimates that nearly 150 million people collect the 50 State Quarters. The largest numismatic...