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2022 Canada Government Paper Money 33rd Edition

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2022 Canada Government Paper Money 33rd Edition ISBN 10: 0889684278

2023 Canadian Government Paper Money - 34th Edition

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A Reference For All Canadian Government Paper Money, "The Standard." Numerous changes and additions have been made to the 34th edition. Prices have been revised to more accurately represent the current market and provide a better idea of market value. Updated census figures provide a more accurate picture of shortage and are aware that they exist notwithstanding how difficult it would be to obtain them (or even know the whereabouts of one example).

Canadian Coins Numismatic Issue 2024-2025 Volume 1, 77th Edition

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"The Standard" is your complete guide to Canadian coins, covering everything from the 1600s to today. It includes illustrations, listings, and prices for all circulating Canadian coins, as well as foreign coins used in Canada from the 17th to 19th centuries, local pre-decimal coins, and coins from various provinces and territories. You'll also find sections on maple leaf bullion coins, specimen coins, patterns, collector sets, and more. Plus, it includes Part 1 of the Canadian Coin Variety...

Canadian Bank Notes, 10th Edition

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This book is not only an essential guide to Canadian chartered banknotes and their current market value, but it is also a source of practical and encyclopedic knowledge, most of which is not accessible elsewhere.

Canadian Communion Tokens

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Covers tokens used in Canada West, Canada East, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Price Edward Island from 1770 to the early 1900s.

Canadian Numismatic Medals, 2nd Edition

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The second edition of Canadian Numismatic Medals has been released. The First Edition, released in 1991, covered only the medals of the Canadian Numismatic Association Conventions for the period 1954 to 1991. The newly revised second edition has been expanded to include the national organization, the CNA, and the two regional organizations the APNA and the ONA. This 152 page catalogue (8�" x 11", spiral bound) lists all the souvenir medals issued by these three Canadian Numismatic...

Professional Edition Price Guide for Canadian Coins - 10th Edition

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The 10th Edition Includes the following: Pricing for over 12,700 business issue coins from Tokens to the present day using nearly 118,000 price points.   Listings and pricing for thousands of variety coins not listed in any other guides, including counter-stamped coins.   Listings and pricing for over 750 provincial coins and sets dating from 1823 to 1947. Listings and pricing for nearly 1,800 Tokens dating from 1670 to about 1893. Pricing for high-grade coins...

Gold and Silver Panda Coin Buyers Guide 3rd Edition

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This book tells the inside story of one of the most popular series of modern gold and silver coins - the Chinese Panda. Inside you will find Large photos of Gold, Silver, Platinum Panda coins from 1982-2013 Mintage and population figures - the keys to understanding rarity Weights and fineness for each coin What to look for and what to avoid Bonus section on Chinese Unicorn coins For anyone interested in Panda coins the Gold and Silver Panda Coin Buyers Guide 3rd Edition is 368 pages of...

Illustrated Reference Guide for 5 Cents Coins of Canada - Part III

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This 394 page guide has listings for 687 different coins, along with about 1000 images for 600 of these coins. A few highlights of this illustrated reference guide are: Images for 600 coins as follows: Regular Business Issue Coins, Specimen Coins, Variety Coins, Special Issue Commemorative Coin Nearly 1000 images to help identify coin features Pricing using nearly 4,600 price points 20 obverse images to assist with grading breif history of the monarch found on the obverse ...

The Early Dated Coins of Europe 1234-1500

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Whitman Encyclopedia of Mexican Money Vol 1

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Whitman Encyclopedia of Mexican Money, Volume 1 is an overview and history of Mexican coinage and currency. The first volume in this four-volume encyclopedia is a richly illustrated introduction to Mexican numismatics, from pre-Columbian money to the colonial era, independence, revolutions, modern coinage reforms, commemorative programs, bullion, medals, and paper money. In addition to coins, this book covers primitive money, patterns, tokens, error coins, orders and decorations, and other...

World Paper Money Errors

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Morland Fisher has provided the public with an avenue into the fascinating and rarely explored area of numismatics, foreign paper money errors. For the first time, numismatists have access to a full color price guide for international currency, rather than only domestic notes. Fischer's ample collection exemplifies rare errors that result in the printing process to produce intriguing and unique notes.

Catalog of Modern World Coins 1850-1964

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The Catalog of Modern World Coins builds on the classic text by hobby legend RS Yoeman, father of the Guide Book of United States Coin. This book is great for collectors looking for an accurate book on world coins, for new hobbyists, and dealers needing a convenient type-coin guide. Black and White pictures, 6x9" over 500 pages. Revised and edited by Arthur L Friedberg.