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Guide Book of Barber Silver Coins - 3rd Edition

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Q. David Bowers, award-winning author, provides new insight into US Mint engraver Charles E. Barber's 1892-1916 silver coins. At the outset of an exhilarating period of invention, these coins were the workhorses of American business. Bowers follows the history of Barber's coinage from the Gilded Age and the Progressive Era to the eve of America's entry into World War I, as well as the inventions of record players, cars, and moving pictures. The Guide Book of Barber Silver Coins includes...

Guide Book of Liberty Seated Silver Coins - 2nd Edition

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Immerse yourself in the historic Liberty Seated currency of the United States Mint—half dimes, dimes, twenty-cent pieces, quarters, half dollars, Gobrecht dollars, silver dollars, and trade dollars. From 1836 through 1891, these beautiful silver pieces depicted the Goddess of Liberty sitting with a hat and pole. They were manufactured in Philadelphia, New Orleans, Carson City, and San Francisco, and they lubricated the wheels of American trade during the Hard Times Era and the nation's...

100 Greatest Canadian Coins and Tokens

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In this wonderfully illustrated book, award-winning author Harvey B. Richer takes readers on a journey of 100 of Canada's Greatest Coins, which have affected the world and caught collectors' imaginations. Inside, you'll find rarity, value, popularity, beauty, invention, and historical significance, among other things.

Complete Guide to Certified Barber Coinage

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Information essential for purchasing Barber coinage. Includes history, rarity ratings, and date and mint mark analysis.

United States Clad Coinage

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This book is a history of the events leading up to the elimination of silver from US coinage. Information about coinage is also present.