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ANA Grading Standards for United States Coins, 7th Edition

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This comprehensive and easy-to-use guide provides the official ANA grading standards for every U.S. coin minted since 1793. Invaluable to beginners and advanced collectors--it offers everything you need to grade coins like an expert.

Bill Fivazs Counterfeit Detection Guide

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Handy pocket sized reference book with close-up photographs coupled with a list of diagnostics to determine if the coin you are considering is genuine.

Counterfeiting and Technology

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For centuries legitimate authorities and equally determined rogues have fought in an attempt to improve (or copy) the technology and security of paper money. Now, in Counterfeiting and Technology, their stories are captured in vivid detail from colonial times to the present. Paper-money historian Bob McCabe explores the lives of the innovators who made brilliant advancements in the chemistry and ingenuity of America's paper money. Counterfeiters, mostly unknown or unrecognized for their...

Grading Coins by Photographs, 2nd Edition

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A unique combination of step-by-step grading instructions for every federal coinage series from half cents to double eagles, plus information on the history and importance of grading; expert grading techniques; understanding the surfaces of coins; and smart grading and buying. In the 2nd edition of Grading Coins by Photographs, Q. David Bowers, provides insightful information combined with enlarged high-resolution color photographs for each grade, plus Proofs. This newly second edition also...

Numismatic Forgery

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Zyrus Press Item #: 10460 -

An illustrated, annotated guide to the practical principles, methods, and techniques employed in the private manufacture of rare coins.

United States Gold Counterfeit Detection Guide: A Whitman Guidebook (Paperback)

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Whitman's United States Gold Counterfeit Detection Guide is a full-color, 224-page reference for identifying fake gold coins, from dollars to double eagles. Detailed text and high-resolution close-up photographs show specific diagnostics for nearly 200 frequently encountered counterfeits. California fractional gold and commemoratives are also studied. The text includes expert advice from professional graders, authenticators, and dealers; more than two dozen "rules of thumb" (with...