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Collecting Sports Legends: The Ultimate Hobby Guide

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This coffee-table style book gives an in-depth look at icons of sports and sports memorabilia: baseball cards, autographs, game-used bats. Every major sport is covered.

Medallic Works of John Adams Bolen

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John Adams Bolen is remembered today primarily for having issued a number of high quality struck copies of some very rare colonial coins. Biography, collections, stories and history.

Waterford Water Cure

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Bowers and Merena Galleries Item #: 9138 -

A historical work inspired by the water based cures for ailments extensively promoted by Dr. Shattuck as counterstamps on coins during the mid to late 1800's.

Official Price Guide to Glassware, 4th Ed

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1000's of listings from over 275 manufacturers, including everything from foreign glass to American art glass, carnival, Depression, pressed, and other popular styles, this book is the best guide to glassware available.

A Guide Book of Collectible Postcards

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Postcard collecting has been a popular American pastime since the hobby's Golden Age. For today's collector, postcards offer historic photography, snapshots of pop culture and everyday life, colorful works by famous artists. This 432-page Guide Book of Collectible Postcards is a complete one-stop resource for both newcomers and experienced collectors. There are more than 1,500 illustrations, grading instructions and valuations in multiple grades in this book. There is also advice on collecting ...