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2020 Transline Catalog
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2020 Transline Supply Catalog. Available for free to dealers and coin shops. The 2020 Transline Catalog features scores of new products and books.

Buyers Guide to Silver Dollars & Trade Dollars of the United States
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A year-by-year analysis with current pricing, mintage figures, estimated surviving specimens, and prices realized at auction. Over 200 hi res images.

Collecting & Investing Strategies for Barber Dimes
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Barber Dimes is devoted to a detailed analysis of every proof and business strike issue in the Barber Dime series from 1892-1916.

Collecting and Investing Strategies for U.S. Gold Coins
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This book covers regular-issue gold series from 1795 to 1933. Informs the reader on investing strategies, including collecting by type, variety, or rarer issues. Includes over 150 full color images, graphs, and vital pricing data.

Collecting and Investing Strategies for Walking Liberty Half Dollars
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Strategy Guide series. The only book available on Walking Liberty Halves! Covers Business Strikes from 1916-1947 and Proof Issues from 1936-1942. Strike, luster, rarity analysis, pricing and prices realized.

Collecting Sports Legends: The Ultimate Hobby Guide
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This coffee-table style book gives an in-depth look at icons of sports and sports memorabilia: baseball cards, autographs, game-used bats. Every major sport is covered.

Gold Coins of the Dahlonega Mint, 3rd Edition

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Many collectors of branch mint gold will find great value in this updated edition, with revised condition census estimates and the latest auction and sale prices for Dahlonega gold dollars, quarter eagles, three dollar pieces and half eagles. And, the new edition is in full color!

Gold Coins of the Dahlonega Mint: 1838-1861

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Douglas Winter is regarded as one of the leading experts in the field of United States gold coins. This second edition of the award winning book, Gold Coins of the Dahlonega Mint, includes new data and updated knowledge about these rare treasures and the rich history behind the mint that coined them. Many collectors of branch mint gold will find much value in the updated condition census estimates and the latest auction and sale prices for Dahlonega gold dollars, quarter eagles, three dollar...

Gold Coins of the New Orleans Mint

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New Orleans gold is among the most rare and desireable US gold. This book features rarity estimates, collecting guides, looks at each year's luster, surface, strike and eye appeal. Lists finest known. Over 100 full color images.

Handbook of 20th-Century U.S. Gold Coins

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David W. Akers' Handbook of 20th-Century U.S. Gold Coins was hailed as a classic from its first publication in 1988. Now, two decades later, this second edition offers a much expanded and updated version of its predecessor. A chronological survey of date and mintmark of the much celebrated Saint-Gaudens and Pratt's $2.50, $5, $10 and $20 gold coins is featured, with all new information on gold Proof coins. Each coin's characteristics are broken down into Strike, Luster, Color, Surfaces, and...

Million Dollar Nickels

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Until now, the legacy of the 1913 Liberty nickels laid buried deep in myth and intrigue. Framed in the backdrop of a nationwide media frenzy and a public mad with the hope of hitting the jackpot, Million Dollar Nickels unveils the story of America's most eccentric and famous collectors, persistent reporters searching for the truth, shameless profiteers, and agents of the Smithsonian desperate to stay above the fray. Years of folklore obscured the facts. Even experts disagreed. How many nickels...

Numismatic Forgery

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An illustrated, annotated guide to the practical principles, methods, and techniques employed in the private manufacture of rare coins.

Profit from Gold and Rare Coins Now

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Donald H. Kagin is one of the most respected names in the rare coin and precious metals business. The numismatic Ph.D. has put together a sophisticated guide for investors and collectors aimed toward making prudent decisions in these markets. This full color book includes an introduction by Scott Travers.

Standing Liberty Quarters

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A fully updated and expanded edition. Includes a comprehensive year-by-year analysis, historical pricing data, and collecting tips.

The Numismatourist: The Only Worldwide Travel Guide for the Numismatist
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The Numismatourist is the first book of its kind as a world-wide travel guide for the numismatist. It is also for the numismatist who is traveling, either on vacation or business, and wishes to visit those places that of are interest to the hobby or profession. Inside you will find a numismatic travel guide, listing over 175 places in 75 countries open to the public, with almost 100 of these described in detail with pictures that are spread over North, Central, and South America, the...

The Official National Park Quarters Book

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Award-winning author David L. Ganz provides an insider's perspective of the widely popular "America the Beautiful" National Park Quarters Program, which includes its Congressional sponsorship, planchet design proposals, and background on the National Park System.

What Color are Your Assets: An Insiders Guide to Rare Coins & Precious Metals
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Renowned rare coin dealer Lawrence D. Goldberg shares over 30 years of experience in the industry, covering all the basic information every collector and investor should know about collectible coins and the bullion markets.

What to do with Granddaddys Coins

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Numismatic expert Jeff Ambio introduces the general public to the coin collecting market in this simple and entertaining guide on how to sort through old family coins. By the end of What to do with Granddaddy's Coins, readers will be equipped with the knowledge (and a self-made list of coin values!) to confidently approach the cutthroat coin market.

World Paper Money Errors

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Morland Fisher has provided the public with an avenue into the fascinating and rarely explored area of numismatics, foreign paper money errors. For the first time, numismatists have access to a full color price guide for international currency, rather than only domestic notes. Fischer's ample collection exemplifies rare errors that result in the printing process to produce intriguing and unique notes.

Worlds Greatest Mint Errors

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May 15th 2009. A visual gallery of the most amazing mint errors from the U.S. and around the world. Covering over 30 different error types and vividly illustrated with hundreds of photos. Over 300 coins are features and each coin is described in detail. Pricing guides and valuations summaries are featured at the end of each chapter.