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7 Pin Security Bags

Item: 1922

Retail: $37.00
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ControlTek Item #: 1922 -

Stores and protects coin and currency, checks and documents. Features a sping loaded, 7 pin lock for maximum security. Unique lock feature prevents keys from being locked inside the bag. Includes two keys. All bags key differently. Navy blue.

Locking Fire Block Briefcase 18x14

Item: 1942

Retail: $146.33
Availability: In Stock
MMF Item #: 1942 -

UltimaShield metal guard protects the 7-pin lock if the bag is dropped. Heavy-duty vinyl dome shields lock from heat. Comfortable plastic handles are securely riveted to bag, and reinforced with vinyl patches. Bags ship with the UltimaSeven lock keyed differently with two keys and no master key unless specified.