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Check List And Record Book of United States And Canadian Coins

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This convenient book is perfect for keeping track of your coin collection. It covers U.S. half cents through gold coins (1790s to date), classic and modern commemoratives, Proof and Mint sets, Puerto Rican and Philippine coins, bullion, medals, and tokens, as well as Canadian coins from the 1850s to date. Its 6 x 9�inch size packs a lot of information into a handy resource that you can carry in your pocket or bag, or store in your safe deposit box. Take it to coin shows and shops while you're...

Coin Collecting for Dummies

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This handy guide covers all the basics of this fun hobby and shows beginners the ropes, from buying, collecting, and storing a collection to determining a coin's quality and authenticity. Includes over 100 illustrations and photographs.

Coins Questions and Answers

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Now in its fifth edition, Coins: Questions and Answers provides detailed answers to hundreds of the most commonly asked questions about the world of money, giving readers a feel for the historical significance of coins - and covering challenging, interesting subjects that have puzzled collectors for decades. Filled with hundreds of photographs, the book answers questions about U.S. coins and paper money; Canadian, Mexican, and other world coins; tokens and medals; error coins; Confederate...

Collecting Coins and Making Money

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A peek at the birth of making money in 19th century numismatics through reprinted Harper's News Magazine Articles and other important historical documents.

Collecting Coins in Retirement

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Tom Bilotta is an experienced numismatist and writer and has been a publisher of coin-collecting software for more than 20 years. In this new book he brings that experience to a valuable discussion of collecting curing a hobbyist's olden years. "Coin collecting during retirement poses specialized challenges and opportunities," Bilotta says. He explores these issues in depth and guides his readers toward building their collections for later allocation to their heirs. "retirement is a time to...

Collecting Rare Coins for Pleasure and Profit: An Insiders Guide to Todays Market

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Now, in this outstanding new book, Bowers-the Dean of American Numismatics-shares 50-plus years of valuable and unique insider's knowledge of the rare-coin market. Who is this book intended for? The educated reader with an interest in collecting rare coins: someone who wants to get started, and just needs some pointers in the right direction. With Bowers's engaging, informative style, it's like sitting down with an old friend-he makes the learning enjoyable; is happy to share stories,...

Collectors Handbook, The

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From record keeping to disposition methods to hot to deal with inheritance, this book handles most aspects of estate planning for coin collectors.

Experts Guide to Collecting and Investing in Rare Coins, The

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At 34 chapters and nearly 700 pages, it covers everything from grading to determining values to techniques of smart auction bidding.

Experts Guide to Collecting and Investing in Rare Coins, The

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At 34 chapters and nearly 700 pages, it covers everything from grading to determining values to techniques of smart auction bidding.

Helpful Hints for Enjoying and Collecting

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Stanton Books Item #: 9272 -

Book offers a variety of topics, from the do's and the don'ts of collecting and how to properly store your coins, to hints on attending coin shows, buying coins through the mail and how to grade different types and denominations.

Inside The Rare Coin Marketplace, Secrets to Being a Smart Buyer

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Q. David Bowers shares more than 60 years of experience as a coin collector, professional dealer, published author and researcher, and past president of the American Numismatic Association. Learn how to build a meaningful and significant coin collection on any budget, for your own pleasure, for investment purposes, to share a fun hobby with your friends and family, and to explore history, art, commerce, technology, and many other areas of interest that are touched by coins. This delightful...

Numismatic Photography, 2nd edition

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Numismatic Photography reveals the secrets to quality digital coin photography through a structured, systematic approach.

One Coin is Never Enough Why and How We Collect

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In One Coin is Never Enough, author Michael S. Shutty Jr. introduces the idea that coins are transformed into something special when one chooses to collect them. Whether a beginner or established collector, this entertaining book looks at what drives people to collect coins as well as includes great information on how to collect them. There are several anecdotes and stories woven throughout the book about collectors and collections, making it an exciting narrative read. There is no better way...

One-Minute Coin Expert

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Shows amateur coin collectors how they can turn a profit and find hidden treasures even in pocket change. Includes information on grading, how to purchase, and how to store and handle coins.0375720405

Pickers Bible, 2nd Edition

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Turn your passion into profits with easy-to-use secrets of the picking trade Gain professional and practical strategy on where to look, what to look for, how to negotiate, when to walk away, how to flip an item fast, and much more Step-by-step, real-world advice turns a dream of extra cash into reality Discover the emerging world of Industrial Picking, the latest money-making trend to hit the market The next generation of bargain-hunters who cut their teeth at thrift shops and eBay has moved...

Pickers Pocket Guide US Coins & Currency: How To Pick Antiques Like A Pro

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Inside, you'll find a full-color, state-of-the-market, authoritative treasure map to discovering riches in the most widely collecting field in the country. Covering everything from the evolution of US money to the latest in minted coins, the Pickers Pocket Guide is educational, lively and invaluable for collectors and seekers of riches of all levels. Highlighting coins and paper money, you will enjoy the "two-for-one" coverage of coins and paper money�unique in the market. ...

Pleasure & Profit, 2nd Edition

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In this updated 2nd edition of the award winning book, Robert W Shippee reveals how he got serious about building a menaingful collection of rare coins. His carefully assembled Waccabuc Collection of half cents through $20 gold double eagles sold at public auction for a profitable $1.5 million! The first edition quickly became one of the most talked-about books on collecting and investing in US coins. Longtime hobbyist read ti and said "I wish I'd had a guide like this when I started...

Strike It Rich with Pocket Change 4th Edition

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Strike It Rich with Pocket Change, 4th edition, shows the reader how to detect errors, what to look for, and how to cash in on them. It includes listings for the latest known varieties of the 50 States Quarters and Territorial quarters' series with an overall focus on coins currently found in pocket change. The U.S. Mint, through careless preparation of coin striking equipment and the demand to produce billions of coins, has and will continue to create a small but significant number of...

Strike it Rich with Silver in Coin Rolls

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Coin Roll Hunting presents readers with the ins and outs of an inexpensive and often overlooked method of investing in silver. With practical, savvy information, Strike it Rich with Silver in Coin Rolls appeals to the beginner as well as the more advanced collector looking for solid details on searching coin rolls. Experience the thrill of the hunt with practical, hands-on information on how to easily search coin rolls to take advantage of the silver coins still floating in circulation. With...

The Coin Collectors Survival Manual, Revised 7th Edition

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From one of the world's most knowledgeable coin dealers�a former consultant to the Federal Trade Commission who is often quoted by the Wall Street Journal�comes a thorough update of the most-trusted consumer protection handbook to buying and selling rare and valuable coins. Illustrated with black-and-white photographs and a full-color insert, The Coin Collector's Survival Manual, Seventh Edition is indispensable for seasoned collectors and novices alike. This substantially revised edition of...