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Authoritative Reference of Barber Dimes

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This book features many new double dies, misplaced dates, repunched mintmark's and repunched dates that until now have never been published in any other book.

Authoritative Reference on Roosevelt Dimes

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This book helps the collector distinguish unusal varieites, hub design changes, date-by-date analysis, how die varieties are made, double dies, over mint marks, and repunched mintmarks.

Treasure Hunting Mercury Dimes

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Reference covering Mercury dime varieties with over 55 doubled, 50 repunched mintmarks and 350 photographs. Values are given for all varieties covered in this book.

What to do with Granddaddys Coins

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Numismatic expert Jeff Ambio introduces the general public to the coin collecting market in this simple and entertaining guide on how to sort through old family coins. By the end of What to do with Granddaddy's Coins, readers will be equipped with the knowledge (and a self-made list of coin values!) to confidently approach the cutthroat coin market.