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Adventures Across the States, Collecting State Quarters and Others Coins

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A fun and education tool to teach children the joy of coin collecting.

Adventure Across the States National Park Book

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Whitman Adventure Across the States National Park book is a paperback book with 88 pages of educational text to get your child into national park quarters and coin collecting.

Americas State Quarters

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The U.S. Mint's 50 State Quarters Program is the most successful coin program in history. Book includes facts about the state, history of the design, mintage figures, grading hints, common mint errors.

Quarterama: Ideas & Designs of Americas Quarters (Pocket Change Ed.)

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POCKET CHANGE EDITION: Written with spirit, designed with style, Quarterama is lavishly illustrated to depict key historical events and inspiring life lessons. Enjoy an entertaining and educational tour inside America's phenomenally popular 50 State Quarters and the upcoming National Park Quarters. Discover the hidden stories and inspirations behind your favorite pocket change.

Standing Liberty Quarters

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A fully updated and expanded edition. Includes a comprehensive year-by-year analysis, historical pricing data, and collecting tips.

Standing Liberty Quarters: Varieties & Errors

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This book is divided into three parts: Planchet errors, Die errors, and strike errors. Each section is broken down by date and mintmark and many photos are provided.

The Authoritative Reference to Barber Quarters

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The Official National Park Quarters Book

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Award-winning author David L. Ganz provides an insider's perspective of the widely popular "America the Beautiful" National Park Quarters Program, which includes its Congressional sponsorship, planchet design proposals, and background on the National Park System.

Whitman Pocket Checklist of United States: Quarters

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The Whitman Pocket Checklist of United States Coins is an easy way for collectors to keep track of their U.S. coin collections. Each pocket guide packs a lot of information into one handy resource you can carry. You can take it to coin shows and shops while you're looking for your next purchase. The spiral binding allows you to easily flip it open for note-taking. There is plenty of room to write down things on the inside like when and where you bought each coin, its grade, the price you paid,...