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Counterfeit Detector Pen - 3 Pack

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MMF Counterfeit Detector Pens offer a quick and simple way to prevent fraud by easily detecting counterfeit currency. Protected from bacteria and fungal growth with Agion Antimicrobial protection, MMF Counterfeit Detector Pens have specially formulated ink that reacts with the starch in wood-base counterfeit paper, leaving a dark colored mark.

Semacon Compact Automatic Currency Authenticator S-960

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Ease of UseThe Semacon model S-960 Compact Automatic Currency Authenticator features a simple Pass/Fail indicator and eject direction control in a durable compact space-saving design. Feeding a bill into the machine is done quickly and easily, followed by an immediate indication of the authentication results.State of the Art Detection TechnologyThe S-960 utilizes Semacon's SmartCert leading edge technology including custom designed sensors to authenticate each banknote. The machine verifies...