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Packette - 5x slide-out magnifier

Item: 7130

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Bausch & Lomb Item #: 7130 -

This 5x slide-out magnifier from Bausch and Lomb is one of Transline best selling coin magnifiers and perfect for most coin collecting and stamp collecting grading and identifying tasks.

Coddington 10x

Item: 7110

Retail: $36.35
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Bausch & Lomb Item #: 7110 -

10x, Single thick lens with central groove diaphragm for sharp crisp images

Folding Pocket Magnifier 4x-5x to 9x

Item: 7185

Retail: $29.08
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Bausch & Lomb Item #: 7185 -

Two lens model 4x - 5x combined to 9x. Popular for stamp and coin collecting, the folding lens Bausch and Lomb magnifier provides three powers with a two lens system, allowing for 4 power, 5 power and combined 9 power magnification with lens the fold into the protective case handle.

Rectangular LED Magnifier - 2x, 2x4

Item: 7124

Retail: $33.27
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Bausch & Lomb Item #: 7124 -

This 2x4 rectangular handheld LED Magnifier features bright white LED illumination to reduce eye strain in low light and increase battery life. Manufactured with the same quality and care that makes Bausch and Lomb optical products a premium choice, the 2x4 rectangular LED magnifier has a crystal clear acrylic 2x magnification lens that provides sharp distortion-free optics throughout the entire viewing area. Great for reading coins, stamps and other hobbies, the Bausch and Lomb 2x4...