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Distinguished Conduct and Military Medals (1935-45) 1st Edition

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This book is the first primary source of confirmation of Distinguished Conduct and Military Medals awarded to Canadians during World War II and the Korean War. Types of awards, an index of letter prefixes to serial numbers, distribution of awards by year of announcement and photos of the medals themselves are only part of this fantastic reference.

Canadian Communion Tokens

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Covers tokens used in Canada West, Canada East, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Price Edward Island from 1770 to the early 1900s.

Guide Book of Civil War Tokens 3rd Edition

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Q. David Bowers's best-selling and award-winning Guide Book of Civil War Tokens has been updated and expanded (32 additional pages) in a new second edition. It includes recent re-search findings, more illustrations, and updated pricing in multiple grades. Also new in the second edition: chapters on sutler tokens and encased postage stamps. Civil War tokens are tangible reminders of American history. These small, cent-sized to-kens served as emergency money during the small-change shortage of...

Guide Book Of Hard Times Tokens

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Vol #17 in the Bowers Series, the Guide Book of Hard Times Tokens includes recent research findings, hundreds of high-resolution images, and current market pricing in multiple grades. He expertly covers the history of these fascinating collectibles, and catalogs them with detailed information for sellers, buyers, historians, and researchers. Hard Times tokens are tangible reminders of a turbulent time in America. Their political and commercial motifs are diverse, reflecting the economy and...

Guide Book of Tokens and Medals - Red Book

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In the Guide Book of United States Tokens and Medals, award-winning author Katherine Jaeger explores these fascinating and collectible pieces of American history, from colonial times to today. Thousands of full-color illustrations, market values, and a grading guide add to the book's reference value. Essential reading for every coin collector and American history buff! Featuring images from the American Numismatic Society's Collection. Book 11 of the series.

Medallic Works of John Adams Bolen

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John Adams Bolen is remembered today primarily for having issued a number of high quality struck copies of some very rare colonial coins. Biography, collections, stories and history.

The Franklin Mints Americana - 50 Years in the Making

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For 50 years, the Franklin Mint has been produc-ing beautiful collectibles now found in millions of homes across the world. It all started in 1964 when founder Joe Segel minted a silver coin honoring the late General Douglas MacArthur, and soon the company was creating collectible coins, commem-orative medals, sparkling pendants, decorative Christmas ornaments and other valuable art. The product line then expanded into entertainment, with breathtaking creations like the Civil War chess set,...