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Q David Bowers
  • ISBN: 079484295X
  • Pub Date: 1/1/2015 Edition: 1st
  • Binding: Softcover Size: 6x9 Pages: 320
  • Case: 12
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    Vol #17 in the Bowers Series, the Guide Book of Hard Times Tokens includes recent research findings, hundreds of high-resolution images, and current market pricing in multiple grades. He expertly covers the history of these fascinating collectibles, and catalogs them with detailed information for sellers, buyers, historians, and researchers. Hard Times tokens are tangible reminders of a turbulent time in America. Their political and commercial motifs are diverse, reflecting the economy and social scene of the pre�Civil War Andrew Jackson era (the 1830s and 1840s). Numismatists find them fascinating to collect and study. Although there are major rarities in the series, most of the issues are very affordable. They have been included in the best-selling Guide Book of United States Coins (the hobby's popular "Red Book") for decades. Novice and experienced collectors alike, as well as history buffs and everyone interested in the Jackson era, will find this volume a fascinating and indispensable reference. Inside, you'll find a wealth of information not in print in any other single source. Book 17 of the series.