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Ancient Greek & Roman Coins, Handbook of

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Touches upon every aspect of ancient coinage. Contains all the information needed to properly identify and attribute coins to that era. Beginning and advanced collectors alike will benefit from data, charts, and detailed photos.

Catalogue of Coins of the Roman Empire (vol 6) in the British Museum vol.6

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2005 reprint. Severus Alexander to Balbinus Pupienus. 56 plates. This important series of books has become one of the most famous in the history of numismatics, the original having been written and printed over a period of forty years from 1923 to 1962. The plates in this edition are as good as the originals. As for the text, this consists of a high-quality digitally scanned reprint taken from the latest editions and reprints, so this edition combines the quality of the original plates and the...

Catalogue of Coins of the Roman Empire(vol 3) in the British Museum

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Coins of the Bible

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This book contains replica coins from Biblical times. Included in the book is a Widow's Mite, Gold Daric, Lepton, Tribute Penny, Shekel and Half-Shekel.

Money of the Bible, 3rd Edition

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The 3rd edition of Money of the Bible is updated with new photographs and additional research by one of the most famous numismatic historians of our time, Kenneth Bressett. The book studies how the Bible was written, and its nature; commerce before coins; coins of Old Testament times; coins in the New Testament; first-century money and trade; coins mentioned in Jesus' parables and lessons; coins and the Passion of Christ; the beginning of Christianity; coins with Biblical themes; and how to...

The Early Dated Coins of Europe 1234-1500

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Whitman Encyclopedia of Colonial and Early American Coins 2nd Ed

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In the 2nd edition, Bowers and his panel of specialists in the field add newly discovered coins, bring fresh historical research to the text, and update hundreds of listings with new information, rarity figures, pricing, and images. This book remains the definitive reference on colonial and early American coins, tokens, and related issues. Foreword by Kenneth Bressett.