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When it comes to coin cleaners, the single most important piece of advise Transline can offer is already known to all coin dealers, but one that novice collectors fail to learn: Do not wipe, buff, polish or otherwise attempt to clean your coins. The lesson is simple and to the point.

Improperly cleaning a coin, even with just a little bit of soap and water, will almost always cause physical damage to its surfaces. The damage is often on a microscopic level and may not be readily evident to the untrained eye. Rest assured, however, that improperly cleaning a coin—even with a mildly abrasive substance such as a bar of hand soap—will impart hairline-thin scratches to its surfaces. These scratches are actually called hairlines, and their effect on a coin’s value can be catastrophic. Improperly cleaned coins are always worth significantly less than pieces that are left in their original state of preservation.

There are ways to properly clean a coin that can preserve or even enhance its value, and for that you should rely only on seasoned rare coin experts or professional coin restoration companies that possess the tools, knowledge and experience to properly clean a coin.

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6x4 Polishing Cloth

Item: 7660

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Ideal for silver, gold and all other precious metals. Two part materials - One layer inbedded with super fine polish, other layer removes residue.

Dillers Coin Duller

Item: 7587

Retail: $6.99
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This cleaner is for retoning cleaned copper coins. Apply a small amount even and rub on the cleaned copper coin. Then wipe off with a clean soft cloth. Can be repeated if aren't satisfied with the results the first time. The cleaner will work faster if the coin is warmed. THIS PRODUCT IS NOT INTENDED FOR USE ON SILVER.