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M K Blais
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  • Pub Date: 4/19/2024 Edition: 10th
  • Binding: Soft Cover Size: 8.25x5.5 Pages: 524
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    The 10th Edition Includes the following:

    • Pricing for over 12,700 business issue coins from Tokens to the present day using nearly 118,000 price points.  
    • Listings and pricing for thousands of variety coins not listed in any other guides, including counter-stamped coins.  
    • Listings and pricing for over 750 provincial coins and sets dating from 1823 to 1947.
    • Listings and pricing for nearly 1,800 Tokens dating from 1670 to about 1893.
    • Pricing for high-grade coins from 1¢ to $2 in MS, PL, and SP condition; with eye appeal grades of Brown, Red-Brown, Red, and Gem Red for 1¢ coins, and Regular, Gem, Ultra Gem for silver and nickel coins.  Also included is pricing for Cameo, Heavy Cameo, and Ultra Heavy Cameo coins.
    • A chapter called ‘Finding Value’ – designed to help collectors find value in the marketplace.
    • Two appendices to quickly identify Breton Tokens, their Breton Numbers, and which subsection their listings and pricing can be found.
    • Basics on coin collecting and grading, including obverse images.