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Q David Bowers
  • ISBN: 0794849164
  • Pub Date: 12/5/2022 Edition: 7th
  • Binding: Softcover Size: 6'' x 9'' Pages: 336
  • Case: 12
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    The gorgeous and venerable Morgan silver dollar is a favorite among Americans to collect! Other coins do not inspire

    a great deal of the American romance and adventure. The "dean of American numismatics," Q. David Bowers, provides an engrossing portrayal of the nation's most beloved classic coin in this extended seventh edition of his best-selling book.

    You'll discover how to grade coins, cherry-pick uncommon die variants, and become a more knowledgeable collector. You'll also learn what to look for when you go coin shopping. This revised edition also includes in-depth market analyses for each date and mint, a thorough examination of the minting procedure, an examination of Treasury releases and other hoards, among other things.