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Rick Tomaska
  • ISBN: 0794850502
  • Pub Date: Edition: 4th
  • Binding: paperback Size: 6x9 Pages: 288
  • Case: 12
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    The Franklin and Kennedy half-dollar series are two of the most popular in modern US currency.
    "Collectors can have fun with challenges and rewards."

    "These coins are appropriate for anyone's hobby budget, whether it's $50 per month or $50,000," said author Tomaska, who gives pricing in multiple grades for each coin. Tomaska discusses the history of their designs, manufacture, and other technical and cultural issues, in addition to offering behind-the-scenes information of the retail and auction markets. He delves into Mint workmanship shifts and explains why Franklin and Kennedy half dollars symbolize the end of an era. He examines the coins year by date, providing commentary on remarkable and highly toned examples, shows how Proof coins are manufactured and rated, and teaches about Cameo and Deep Cameo contrast, Full Cameo contrast, and Full Cameo contrast.