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R.S. Yeoman
  • ISBN: 0794849660
  • Pub Date: 8/1/2022 Edition: 8th
  • Binding: Paperback Size: Pages: 1504
  • Case: 4
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    With more prices in more grades than the normal book, certified demographic data, more die types, and more auction records, MEGA RED is the latest extended edition of the hobby's best-selling GUIDE BOOK OF UNITED STATES COINS (the RED BOOK). From copper tokens and half cents to $20 gold double eagles, plus bullion, commemoratives, Proof and Mint sets, notable patterns and medals, mistake coins, and other rarities, it covers American coinage from the American Revolution to the present day. It contains all the information you require about US coinage. 8th editions special feature is on 2 and 3 cents, half dimes, 20 cents, and gold $1, $3, and $4