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Bill Fivaz
  • ISBN: 0794843182
  • Pub Date: 7/22/2024 Edition: 6th
  • Binding: Hardcover Size: 6x9 Pages: 448
  • Case: 12
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    Experience the thrill of coin collecting with the Cherrypickers' Guide! This handbook, loved by collectors since 1990, teaches you how to spot unique features in coins. The sixth edition covers rare varieties in U.S. coins with over 1,000 images and updated market values. Written by experts Bill Fivaz and J.T. Stanton, along with contributions from collectors and scholars, it's your essential resource for coin collecting!

    The sixth edition, volume I includes:

      • Descriptions of die varieties for half cents, large cents, small cents, two-cent and three-cent pieces, and nickels, 1800s to date
      • Fully updated and revised information for some of the most popular U.S. coin series, including Indian Head cent, Flying Eagle cent, Lincoln cent, two-cent pieces, Buffalo nickel, Jefferson nickel, Shield nickel, and Liberty Head nickel series
      • More than 1,000 images
      • Information for more than 680 varieties
      • 150 newly published varieties
      • Market values in multiple grades
      • Detailed photo enlargements to show you what to look for when cherrypicking
      • Information on types of doubling, how to examine your coins, Proof set varieties, collector clubs, and other beginner and advanced topics
      • Cross-references to specialized standard guides