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  • Guardhouse Holders#: 668478
  • Size: 38.1 mm Color: Black Ring
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    Guardhouse Evocore 38mm black ring-fit coin holder are designed to hold large dollar coins, such as Peace, Morgan and Eisenhower dollars.

    Evocore ring-fit capsules are made with high-quality PMMA acrylic, which is both durable and scratch resistant when compared to other commonly used materials, such as polystyrene. The ring that houses the coin is made of silicone and is designed to provide a safe and snug fit to frame your coin. Silicone is known to be superior for storage when compared to other materials commonly used as coin capsules rings, such as EVA.

    Each holder consists of a base, a silicone ring insert, and a lid. The coin is first inserted into the ring and then sealed shut between the lid and base. Once snugly closed, the capsule can be reopened only by using a small notch built into the lid that allows the capsule to be unsealed with a small wedge or tool.

    Evocore rings are also available in several colors including in Green, Red, Clear, White and Black.