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John Dannreuther
  • ISBN: 0999896808
  • Pub Date: 8/23/2018 Edition: 1st
  • Binding: Hardbound Size: 9 x 11 Pages: 0
  • Case: 1
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    United States Proof Coins by John W. Dannreuther is the only full-length Proof Gold book of it's kind. This 2-part volume set on Proof Gold has nearly 2,000 full-color illustrations and photos of every variety of Unites States proof gold coins. It is the precision of these illustrated details that put this book in a league of its own. Before digital print, these die varieties and differences in strikes could only be described through text. With this new release, we are able to see clearly the difference in strike dies and hubbing features in high definition full color. Collectors, Dealers and numismatists of all kinds are sure to be blown away with the wealth of information this 2-part volume set contains. Be sure to pick up this ground-breaking book on Proof Gold today.