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  • ISBN: 0794850200
  • Pub Date: 4/27/2023 Edition: 81
  • Binding: Hardcover Size: 5.25" x 7.625" Pages:
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    The Handbook of United States Coins, published by Whitman Publishing, was first published in 1942 as a reliable source indicating the average price coin dealers paid for different types, dates, and mintmarks of U.S. coins. The ground-breaking new book quickly became well-liked by both dealers and collectors. Coin dealers have used the OFFICIAL BLUE BOOK®, as it became known, to make buying offers for more than 81 years. You can use it to determine the value of your coins if you're a collector! The price listings in The Blue Book, compiled from dealers across the nation, provide a practical view of the coin market. 

    The new 81st edition has many new pictures, special features, and updated prices. Colonial and early American coins, federal coins (from half cents to gold double eagles), commemoratives, Proof sets, die varieties, private and territorial gold, tokens, the most recent Presidential dollars, National Park quarters, bullion coins, and other US Mint goods are all covered. Over 24,000 prices in different grades. Easy-to-follow guidelines for coin grading. coins and tokens dating back to the 1600s. information from the past. Thousands of large, accurate photos. How to begin collecting coins. Additionally, there are thorough mintage records.