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Cash in Your Coins: Selling the Rare Coins Youve Inherited 2nd Edition

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For anyone who has suddenly acquired a cache of old coins or paper money and wants to know more about them, what they are worth, or how to get a good price for them, this new book by the award-winning former editor at Coin World Beth Deisher is a must-read. Forward by Q. David Bowers. Expanded 2nd edition has 16 more pages and has won the 2015 Extraordinary Merit Award.

2020 Standard Catalog of World Coins 1901-2000 47th Edition

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The only book on the market focusing on world coins released from 1901 to 2000, this volume features current and completely vetted values for the most recent coins produced and sold by today's World Mints, Central Banks and their distributors. Featuring more than 25,000 actual-size illustrations of coins, it proves invaluable visual information. Globally accepted KM reference numbers are critical for identification. The massive catalog has current market values for coins in at least five...

2020 Coin Digest 18th Edition

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Take the guesswork out of your collection with 2020 U.S. Coin Digest, the most comprehensive and easy-to-use color guide to United States coins on the market. Featuring professionally vetted values, complete coin listings, detailed coin images and helpful �lay-flat� book design for effortless searches, U.S. Coin Digest serves the curious and the expert alike. Inside you will find: All U.S. coin issues to 2017 Real-market coin values 2,000 color images for easy identification 11 grades of coin...

Antique Trader Antiques & Collectibles Price Guide 2019

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As the best-selling annual price guide in North America, Antique Trader Antiques & Collectibles is the finest source for information you'll find. Filled with expert advice, market and collecting trends, historical information, values and approximately 4,000 color photographs, Antique Trader provides a clear and respected perspective on an incredibly diverse and always fascinating field. Because the market is ever changing, the book is completely revised each year, filled with new and...

Guide Book of Barber Silver Coins - 2nd Edition

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Volume #20 in Whitman's best-selling Bowers Series covers three classic U.S. coin denominations: the dimes, quarters, and half dollars designed by Charles E. Barber, chief engraver of the U.S. Mint. These classic silver coins were first made in 1892, and their production lasted to the eve of America's entry into World War I.In this colorfully illustrated book, the workhorses of late-19th and early-20th-century American commerce are given the famous Q. David Bowers treatment: insightful study,...

Guide Book of Civil War Tokens 3rd Edition

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Q. David Bowers's best-selling and award-winning Guide Book of Civil War Tokens has been updated and expanded (32 additional pages) in a new second edition. It includes recent re-search findings, more illustrations, and updated pricing in multiple grades. Also new in the second edition: chapters on sutler tokens and encased postage stamps. Civil War tokens are tangible reminders of American history. These small, cent-sized to-kens served as emergency money during the small-change shortage of...

Guide Book of Lincoln Cents, 3rd Edition

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Generations of coin collectors have grown up with the Lincoln cent. Now, following the Lincoln obverse’s 100th anniversary (and the bicentennial of Abraham Lincoln’s birth), Q. David Bowers provides a detailed study of this great American classic.“Lincoln cents are among the most fascinating coins in the entire American series,” writes Bowers. “Believe it or not, they also offer some of the greatest challenges.”In this single volume you’ll absorb the...

Guide Book of Morgan Silver Dollars, 6th Edition

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The Morgan silver dollar is among the most embraced and beloved coins in coin collecting history! The “dean of American numismatics,” Q. David Bowers delivers his most complete version yet.

The Complete Book of World War II USA POW & Internment Camp Chits

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It is often forgotten that between 1942 and 1946, 425,000 German, Italian and Japanese prisoner of war were held at 700 POW camps in 46 U.S. States. They got here on troop ships that would have otherwise returned empty.This book is about the money, or chits that POWs used for their expenses in the camp, for cigarettes, candy or other items. The authors are both regonised experts on the topic.Years in the making, this is the most comprehensive book ever done on the subject. There are brief...

World Paper Money Modern Issues 1961 - Present 25th Edition

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Featuring the insight and experience of a worldwide network of numismatic experts, the 25th edition of the Standard Catalog of World Paper Money, Modern Issues, provides the most comprehensive and complete reference to world bank notes issued since 1961. This industry-leading catalog details: Over 25,000 listings Over 15,500 illustrations for easy identification of notes and signature varieties Bank note values in two popularly available conditions Country signature charts for specific and...