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Ken Potter & Dr Brian Allen
  • ISBN: 0593328604
  • Pub Date: Edition: 5th
  • Binding: Softcover Size: 6'' W x 9'' L x 1'' H Pages: 368
  • Case: 24
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    In the authors' own words, this new edition of Strike It Rich with Pocket Change, dispels the myths of error coins and assists you in discovering, marketing, and researching rare coins that you can find in your pocket change. More than 350 close-up illustrations, key identifying details and current market values help you decipher the difference between proper and error issues and varying types of coins. In addition, this unique must-have how-to also includes:
  • Coverage of Lincoln Memorial Cents, Roosevelt Dimes, Washington Quarters, John F. Kennedy Half Dollars, State Quarters
  • Expert insight and advice about tools of the trade, preserving coins, buying and selling error-variety coins
  • Terms and definitions associated with error coins
  • Whether it's a Jefferson Presidential dollar missing edge lettering, that's worth $2,000 - $10,000 plus or a Lincoln cent with trail marks that make it an error worth $1 - $3 there are hidden treasures to be found in your pocket change, if you know what to look for.