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Air Tite H(L) Display Box Black Leatherette

Item: 40816

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Air Tite Item #: 40816 -

WHILE SUPPLIES LAST this black leatherette box holds a single model H or L size capsule. Product comes with white sleeve to protect box. Can hold coin flat or in upright position for display.

Specialty Mahogany Wood Display Box for XL Capsule with Red Insert

Item: 40808

Retail: $12.50
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Guardhouse Item #: 40808 -

This box holds Extra Large (XL) sized Guardhouse coin capsule or Ait-Tite I sided coin capsule. - With a 51.6mm diameter they will also hold raw 2 inch military challenge coins and medals. Perfect for Holiday gifts or packaging, this thoughtfully crafted Mahogany-colored varnished box offers a host of attractive features. The intricate design and carefully crafted wood trim, thumb notched lid, and layered molding add decorative touches to the exterior. Bright, silver-colored hinges provide an...

Y-65 Velvet Display Box

Item: 4208

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Air Tite Item #: 4208 -

Hold Y-65 Air-Tite capsules

Velvet Display Box

Item: 4222.5

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Air Tite Item #: 4222.5 -

Holds 4 Gold Eagles & 1 Silver Eagle